Heating and Plumbing Upgrades

We provide a wide range of heating and plumbing upgrades for both residential and business customers located in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas in Dorset.

Some of the upgrades we can provide:

  • Hydroflow
  • Self-Bleed Radiator Valves
  • Combi Save
  • MagnaClean
  • Power Flush
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Room Thermostat
  • Energy Efficient Pumps
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Lime scale causes lots of problems in hard water areas. Just by taking a look inside your kettle after a couple of months use will show you how quickly it can build up. We can install a lime scale inhibitor which will help to solve this problem.

It is also recommended by boiler manufacturers and leading utility companies. We use the electronic Hydro flow and have been for the last few years due to customer satisfaction, however we fit many different types and if you have a particular one in mind it’s not a problem, we will be happy to install it for you.

Self-Bleed Radiator Valves

Now there is no need to worry about bleeding your radiators. Having these fitted with do the job for you automatically. These are great for elderly, disabled or people with problems bleeding radiators. These will also help to keep your heating system running efficiently.

Combi Save

These work by reducing the amount of water that passes through your hot water taps until the required temperature is reached. Savings of up to £300 a year on utility bills.


A central heating systems require a certain degree of care. Over time, a black sludge made up of iron oxide and lime scale builds up in your radiators and prevents your system from heating efficiently. In turn, this causes you to turn up the heat, making your heating bills that much more expensive.

MagnaClean is exactly what it sounds like: a magnetic filter designed to attract the iron oxide (rust) sludge in your central heating system. The installation is simple and can be fitted vertically or horizontally. This great product also has a one-way valve that allows for water treatment chemicals to be introduced into the system without messing around with the boiler. Basically, this product exists to make your life easier. There are several types of filter on the market now and we fit them all, however Magna cleans have always had excellent feedback from customers and they are highly thought of by heating engineers.

Power Flush

From cold spots on your radiator to a noisy boiler, there are so many reasons why you could benefit from a power flush. Improving the efficiency of your heating system will in turn lower your heating bills, and with these bills increasing all of the time, having a power flush will no doubt be a worthwhile investment.

Other Upgrades and Installs
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Room Thermostat
  • Energy Efficient Pumps
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms